Before You Port Your Mobile Number To Google Voice

I am a Verizon customer with a year and a half left on my contract. I called them to see if I could port my existing phone number to Google and get a new one from them. Apparently, this is not possible without paying $300 for the early termination fee. I offered to sign a new two year agreement with them if they would be willing to work with me. They were not interested in that. So, you may not be able to port your mobile phone number to Google with out paying an early termination fee. Here is a summary of things to be aware of before porting your mobile phone number to Google:

  • There is a one time $20 fee (charged by Google) to port your number.
  • Your mobile phone service plan will be terminated when you port your number to Google Voice and your carrier may charge you an early termination fee. You may also experience disruptions in sending and receiving text messages for up to 3 business days after the porting process is complete
  • Once porting is complete, you will not be able to receive calls to your mobile phone until you complete the following steps:
    1. Google Voice is not a mobile phone service provider, so you must setup a new mobile phone service plan (with your existing carrier or a new carrier) and request a new number.
    2. Once you’ve secured a new mobile service plan and a new number, you will need to add this new number to your Google Voice account as a forwarding phone. Learn how to add a forwarding phone
  • You should not cancel your mobile service plan before porting is initiated. You will need your phone to be able to accept calls in order to complete the porting verification process.
  • If you already have a Google number on this Google Voice Account, it will be replaced by the number that you wish to port and will be completely removed from your account 90 days after porting is complete

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