Bring Back The "Start" Menu In Windows 8

Microsoft has taken away the "Start" menu in Windows 8. Windows 8 is missing a feature that many of us use several times a day. Many people are wondering why Microsoft did this.

Apparently, data has indicated a decrease in the use of the Start button. Microsoft found more users relying on the Windows taskbar for pinning and accessing their favorite software instead of going through the Start menu.

We think this is going to be an usability nightmare for people migrating to Windows 8. Thankfully, there is a solution.

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Google Voice - Save Money and Increase Productivity


These days, everyone is out to save money and increase productivity. One of the biggest barriers to this today is all of the different phone numbers we accumulate over time. I have office, home, cell and Skype phone numbers. Some of these I can access from anywhere, some I cannot. Wouldn't it be great if you had just one phone number that you had full control over and could access from anywhere, anytime? What if that one phone number offered free voicemail, SMS and other services that you currently pay for? Now there is. It's called Google Voice.

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SEO - Words NOT To Use

In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stop words are words which are filtered out prior to, or after, processing of website text. There is no definite list of stop words.

Most Search Engines do not consider extremely common words in order to save disk space or to speed up search results. These filtered words are known as 'Stop Words'.

Any group of words can be chosen as the stop words. For some Search Engines, these are some of the most common, short function words, such as the is at which and on. Below is a list of more words typically ignored by Search Engines.

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Should I Convert From A Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to a Solid State Drive (SSD)

Yes, you should. If nothing else, at least for your boot drive. The prices have come down enough to make it a viable option for most businesses and consumers. When you factor in the productivity gained from switching to Solid State technology, it truly becomes a bargain.

I built a system about a month ago. It included the following components:

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