Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is making significant inroads in the business world, with about 90% of employees already using their own technology (in at least a limited capacity) at work. Some believe that BYOD may help employees be more productive. Others say it increases employee morale and convenience by using their own devices and makes the company look like a flexible and attractive employer.

Employees should protect their devices with a password, and companies should have protocols on remotely wiping a device. BYOD phones and tablets should have apps installed that allow for a remote wipe, or should be cloud enabled to prevent the loss of data. However, remote wipes are only useful if the data hasn't already been stolen, or if the battery hasn't died, and if the phone still has a signal.

One of the biggest issues with managing the BYOD dilemma is to track and control access to corporate and private networks. Unlike guest access, which frequently uses an open, insecure wireless network, the potential sensitivity of BYOD requires that it utilize a secure wireless protocol to ensure an authorized user is accessing the network.

However, security is not the only issue that comes with BYOD. Additionally, troubleshooting could be a major problem in an environment where users are bringing a multitude of different technologies. For example, an employee may bring a laptop which uses OS X. If all other employees and IT personnel are using a Linux operating system, who does the OS X user go to when they've run into an error that is preventing them from finishing a project due by the end of the day? Compatibility of employee hardware with organization software and applications should not be overlooked when considering BYOD.

Additionally, it is important to consider damage liability issues when considering BYOD. If an employee brings their personal device to work, and it is physically damaged through no fault of their own, should the organization reimburse the employee for the full price of the device?

DMEx can help you create manage your BYOD policy as well as the devices that connect to your network.


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