Multimedia produced by DMEx can be placed on your website or various other forms of media. Watch your content come alive by utilizing various multimedia elements.

Audio Editing

Audio Editing is the process by which a multitude of recorded sounds are combined into one or more channels, most commonly two-channel stereo. This is done in order to produce a mix that makes it appealing to listeners. 

Video Editing

Video editing is the process of editing segments of motion video footage, special effects and sound recordings. Music tracks and titles are added, and effects created. The finished product may then be distributed in a variety of ways.

Conversion / Compression

We can convert any file to any specification required. Conversion is the direct digital-to-digital conversion of one encoding to another. This process may be necessary in either pre or post-production; it just depends on what the source footage is and what the end result production needs to be.

Once multimedia is converted to its final format, it typically must be compressed. For example, DVDs use a video coding standard called MPEG-2 that can compress around two hours of video data by 15 to 30 times, while still producing a picture quality that is generally considered high-quality for standard-definition video. Compression is a tradeoff between disk space, quality and the cost of hardware required to decompress the video in a reasonable time.



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